Program and Project Management

Our JBM project and program management team combines it profound technical expertise with our wide range of top-of-the-line innovative strategies to deliver the projects you want, the way you want them. We take immense pride in tailoring our services to meet all of your needs- be it project budgets, schedules, contracts, staffing, technology, or business process design.

Procurement Optimization

Our team specializes in enhancing and perfecting cross-functional processes to ensure a positive impact on your bottom-line performance. We, at JBM, pride ourselves on using innovative, breakthrough strategies to discover and utilize actionable intelligence that lets us shorten lead times, slash per unit purchase costs, optimize your NWC, and much more!

Environmental Management Services

Our JBM environmental services team is committed to providing expert guidance in the field of environmental compliance, reviews, and permits. Our world-class professionals will outline problems and analyze all circumstances to formulate and implement sustainable solutions to eliminate the possibilities of any unpleasant surprises. We strive to eliminate the impact of any permit or compliance risk on your schedule with the help of a steady and careful approach.

Safety Services

Quality and safety are our clients’ number one priority, and it is not something that we take lightly. Our safety services are integral to every part of our business process, and it’s just about setting some ground rules.

Materials Management

At JBM, our team is committed to upgrading and perfecting your material selection and distribution processes to minimize costs and optimize productivity. Our tracing processes are exceptional, and we guarantee 100% traceability for all your materials. Clients will receive total transparency in all aspects of the materials value chain.

Project Commissioning

Our project commissioning team will inspect, check, and test all the operational systems and components of your project with attention to detail. We are licensed to ensure that all your components are designed, constructed, installed, maintained, and tested according to your requirements and industry protocol.

Engineering & Design

Our biggest strength lies in the ability to work with our clients to tailor each project’s design to meet their needs and goals, even under numerous constraints. With our world-class team and groundbreaking ideas, we will not only meet your expectations; we will exceed them.

Construction Management

JBM’s qualified and highly trained construction managers provide expertise, leadership, and integrity, to ensure the success of every project. They are skilled at every phase of the project and working with all parties involved, including architects, engineers, subcontractors, and all team members to ensure the owner’s project is delivered safely on time, within budget and to expected scope and quality.


Using JARVIS, a proprietary application that tracks and combines QA/QC inspections as well as testing data. This allows users to have an analysis in real-time that shows any deficiencies that show up during the construction process.


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